It wasn’t a mistake. No matter what you think now.

We all go through a hard time sometimes. It’s what makes us human and it happens.

How many times have you been betrayed by someone you thought was going to be by your side forever?

How many times was the one person that could solve all of your problems also the one causing them?

How many times have you cried yourself to sleep because you thought it was your fault? You’ve let it happen to you.

You have lived some cheerful moments with someone. You’ve laughed, loved, admired. And then, suddenly, things change overnight.

Maybe your heart has been broken, maybe you’ve lost a friend, maybe you have done something that caused a change that ended up being a bad thing.

One thing we must not forget is that everything that once made us happy was never a mistake to begin with.

The falls that bring us down become the foundation of a new, stronger, wiser persons we become.

Things change, they always do. You cannot change this. Things-will-change!

When you are feeling down because of something that happened in the past, laying in your bed and rethinking about what could’ve went wrong in the whole process… Just ask yourself a question:

Did it make you happy?

Did it make you laugh? Did it make your heart dance and your skin tingle? Did it help you clear out the negativity in your life?

Even if we are talking only about a small period of time, we are talking about something important.

It happened. It is okay. It was not a mistake.

It was a valuable lesson.

It was a period of time that maybe made you happy.

It was something that maybe kept your soul at peace.

But now, it’s only a memory. A memory you learned a lesson from.

And now, you are ready to move on.

You are ready to take a new photo album and store some new memories in it.

Don’t burn the old one, though, it is a reminder of how strong you are, how foolish you were, how much wiser you’ve become.

We grow with every new experience, with every new lesson…learning never stops, that makes us wiser people and greater women or mothers…

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