7 Signs He Is Already Planning Your Future as a Couple 

Falling in love is said to be one of the best things a human being can experience. But it also messes with our brains so much that we’re usually left unable to think straight. There’s always a chance your loving and caring partner won’t stick around for too long since your honeymoon phase might pass and you might find yourselves with little to nothing keeping you together. But there is something you can do to see whether he’s in it for the long run. If he checks the following seven boxes, he’s probably already planning your future as a couple.

  1. There’s nothing about you he doesn’t want to know

It’s known that men get very focused on their love interests, remembering every little detail about them and being able to go through conversations with them in their heads. That’s why this usually gets on the list of signs he’s into you, no signs he really wants to be with you. But if you’ve been together for more than a couple of months and he’s still fascinated by you, this stops being a symptom of the initial attraction. The longer you’re together, the better you’ll be able to tell how much he actually likes you. And if he’s still asking you all kinds of silly questions about your past, your likes and your dislikes, chances are he thinks of you as something more than a fleeting love interest.

  1. You’ve met his friends and he wants you to meet the family, too

It’s the same with both men and women – the people you don’t like all that much aren’t the people that get to know your friends and family. After all, introducing someone new into your circle takes effort. There’s always a chance something will go wrong, and even if it doesn’t, you have to do your best to make your friends like your date and vice versa. It’s even trickier with family, since introducing them to your date is never a meaningless gesture. And that’s why you can be certain he’s serious if he wants you to meet his parents.

  1. He talks to you before making important decisions

Men who aren’t serious about their dates won’t even consider them when making important decisions. It’s only logical since they don’t really plan on making them a part of their lives. If you notice this kind of behavior, think twice before going on another date, especially if what you’re looking for is a serious relationship. On the other hand, if your boyfriend talks to you before making any final decisions on things that would affect your relationship as well, you can be pretty sure he plans to stick around.

  1. There’s nothing you two won’t discuss

Getting to know each other can be really exciting, but even couples who are head over heels in love tend to avoid certain topics. They usually have something to do with your exes, sexual preferences and things from the past of which you’re not especially proud. It makes sense since it can be pretty embarrassing to talk about stuff like that. And when it comes to exes, you also risk making your partner jealous and possibly even starting a fight. If your boyfriend’s prepared to ignore his embarrassment and jealousy in order to get to know you better, he probably thinks of you as a long-term partner.

  1. He lets you know when something bothers him

When someone likes you, they give you compliments. But when someone’s serious about your relationship, they criticize you as well. Look at it this way. Pointing someone’s flaws out is never an easy thing to do. But you do it for the people you truly love. It’s not just because you want them to stop doing whatever little thing irritates you, but also because you want your relationship with them to be built on trust and honesty. So if your boyfriend tells you when something you say or do bothers him, it’s his way of investing in your relationship.

  1. You constantly move forward with your relationship

If you’ve been dating for months and you don’t really know when you’ll see him, he still refuses to introduce you to his friends or make any plans with you, chances are you two will never be an item. On the other hand, if he’s constantly doing something to make your relationship move forward, such as inviting you to his friend’s birthday or making plans for a weekend getaway, you can rest assured he’s interested in more than casual dating.

  1. He shows you off when you’re in public

Your date’s behavior, while you two are out, says a lot about his intentions with you, especially if you run into his friends or acquaintances. A man who’s not sure about his feelings for you will try to keep you as far away from anyone he might know. But if you notice him showing off, chances are he’s in it for the long run.

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