A Caring Woman Or A Drama Queen?

Two days before my wedding, the person who was in charge of making my wedding cake told me that the cake cannot be delivered on time. It is one of the worst things that can happen to any bride. You are on the edge of a nerves breakdown, so people should calmly tell you this news. Probably this is how people around you work, but not my friend. She started screaming saying everything was destroyed. Along with it, of course, I was crying. People will say that she is a caring person who is very sorry for some things have gone unexpectedly, but these people don’t know that her reactions are always the same. Sometimes it’s good because it shows how much she cares about people, but it’s sometimes really annoying. No, I’m not a selfish and ungrateful person, but I don’t see the reason to always make scenes with things we haven’t planned. I could count a million examples when she overreacted, but that is not the point of my story. Don’t get me wrong, I just LOVE my friend, and her reactions don’t mean that I think she is a bad person, but  I sometimes think she is a DRAMA QUEEN, not just a caring woman.

Here are a few reasons why I think this:


It is not realistic to expect someone to hold the phone in their hands for 24 hours and to be able to respond at any time. Nevertheless, she will call you three times, and if you don’t answer for a few hours, she will be looking for you. She always thinks something terrible has happened and that’s the reason why you are not responding. And maybe we just turned off the tones on our cellphone?


We all worry when we go to the doctor, we are worried about discovering that we have a disease and so on, that’s quite normal. But before you go, she already tells you that you are dead. She is surfing the internet and discovering you already have a deadly illness. It turns out later that it is just an ordinary cold.


Sometimes we say something in a hurry or a quarrel, not thinking it’s something serious. However, in conversation with her, you have to be careful what you will say because ordinary conspiracy theory can be made from everyday words. If someone had accidentally mentioned her former boyfriend, she would say that the girl did it intentionally only to hurt her.

  1. PANIC !!!

When something bad happens, we all fear how we will continue to do so. However, hysteria and great panic will not help us to find a solution. She picks up for everything. If there are canceled reservations for the celebration-there is a panic. If the batteries on the cellphone are empty, then there is a panic.

We are used to the fact that she is always in the center of attention and long ago we told her that she is the greatest we know. Still, she doesn’t work for selfish reasons but cares about everything. Only sometimes it would be nice to simply not care about every little thing.

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